Would you endure the ice, snow, and sleet of winter without a coat, gloves, and other protective gear? Your car needs similar safeguards.

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Keeping your car clean in the winter is a real challenge. There are times when it is too cold to go outside and give it a thorough wash, such as when the temperature dips below freezing.


During this transitional time of the year, those who wish to detail their vehicle have a multitude of options. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the most important tips for detailing your vehicle before winter arrives.


1. Protect Your Car’s Exterior with a Paint Sealant


Applying a protective layer of sealant to the vehicle’s surface is essential to shield your car from severe winter weather. The easiest approach to doing this is to use a premium wax or paint sealant of your choice that will make snow and rain easily roll off the surface of your automobile. This additional barrier will prevent environmental contaminants like dirt, snow, salt, and road grime from damaging your car’s paint and clear coat finish. Waxing your automobile also helps prevent rust and corrosion.


Besides protecting the paint, wax or paint sealant will give your car an additional layer of gloss and make it glow. Since you most likely won’t be washing your car as frequently, using a high-quality wax or paint sealant will save you time and give you some peace of mind.


2. Take Care of Your Wheels and Tires


Even if your wheels and tires are brand new, it’s still important to clean and seal them before winter arrives. Brake dust, road dirt, and oil can damage the wheel’s surface if they aren’t addressed. The best thing to do is clean your rims before this becomes a problem because brake dust will eventually corrode the clear coat and over time cause damage to the rim beyond the point of cleaning. Once you have cleaned your rims, make sure to protect them from the harsh winter weather with a quality sealant.


Make sure to wash all your tires well and apply a conditioner to keep the rubber clean and hydrated. Cleaning and conditioning your tires will prolong their life and keep them looking new.


Pro Tip: Use a silicone-based tire dressing for vehicles that you drive often.


3. Ensure That Your Leather Interior Is Conditioned


Winters can be rough for leather interiors because the cold, dry air draws moisture from the leather. The most common leather-covered parts in automobiles are the seats, steering wheel, center console, and dashboard. Before winter arrives, it’s usually a good idea to clean and use a leather conditioner to protect your leather against the weather. Just like lotioning and moisturizing your skin, your leather needs to be moisturized and protected as well. The beautiful color of the leather inside your car will also last longer if you condition it often.

Consider cleaning the carpet and headliner of your automobile in addition to conditioning the leather. You can use a basic upholstery cleaner to spot-clean these areas in between deep cleanings, but the effects of this cleaning will wear off with time. You should get a professional detailer as quickly as possible to clean up any big spills.


Bonus tip: Apply a water-repellent coating to your windshield.

P.S. Don’t forget about cleaning the undercarriage!


Need a Pro?


Overall, there are several ways to detail your car for the winter. You can wash and wax it, condition the leather, vacuum the interior, and clean the windows. You can also add a few seasonal touches, like a hot chocolate air freshener or a “snowflake” windshield sun shade.


Indeed, taking care of your car will help it look its best and last longer.


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